Making big things happen since 1980.

Robinson Brothers is your premier contractor for industrial office and concrete buildings.
Years in the industry

Our history

Mike and Mark Robinson grew up on worksites. They fondly remember the days when their grandfather would take them to see his latest construction project, wearing his hard hat and eating sandwiches out of his metal lunch pail. Later, they would run errands for their dad on his worksites, learning the ropes, getting dirty and absorbing his wisdom about the industry.
Construction is not just their legacy – it’s a family tradition.

In 1980, the brothers founded Robinson Brothers Construction – becoming the third generation of Robinsons to continue the family legacy of quality tradesmanship, expert knowledge and peerless quality.

At Robinson Brothers, we rise by lifting others.

By choosing the Robinson name for the business, Mark and Mike honored the old-world craftsmanship they inherited from their father and grandfather, and reflected the strong family bond at the foundation of everything they do.

We guarantee our professional, turnkey approach to every project. Our knowledge and experience set us apart from our competition, and makes us a strong partner for all your construction needs.

Over the past 30 years, our stellar reputation has allowed us to hire and retain the most skillful construction professionals in the region. Our team boasts the most talented project managers, designers, architects, tradesmen, and machine operators in Utah. All our employees embody our family values of hard work, drive, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our mission.

To innovate in the construction industry by taking advantage of the latest technology and serving our customers with the cleanest, fastest and most efficient methods available.

Our vision.

Creating a better world by building beautiful and functional spaces for our clients and employees.

Our purpose.

Building a better Utah through improvements in the local community & its infrastructure – brick by brick and one project at a time.

Our Culture

We make it happen, not once not twice, everytime.

Even the owners aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty!

There's nothing like seeing award-winning tilt-up services for yourself!

Businesses that trust us.

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